This is The Most Expensive Car in The World

Most expensive cars in the world are always updated annually adjust the times and the technology of its production, while it also of course adjust the market potential for marketers the most expensive car in the world. The most expensive car in the world if the world of marketing management course they aim to target consumers who love the lifestyle of luxury.

Of the top 10 world’s most expensive Car here I take only five magnitudes only from the list of most expensive cars in the world:

1. Lamborghini Veneno
Price: US $ 4 million
This car was issued by Italy’s famous car manufacturer, Lamborghini Veneno in design with beautiful use of the machine type capacity 6.5 liter v12 and capable of producing power reaches 750 horsepower wow cool huh. While its speed or Top download this expensive car drove up to 355.6 km/h, 2.8 per second. The most expensive car in the world can also advance with a speed of 96.5 km/h. Wow quickly Yes.

2. W motors Lykan Hypersport
Price: US $ 3.4 million
The second most expensive car W motors Lykan Hypersport is super fast cars from the Middle East. This one car, also known as the fastest car is currently capable of removing up to speed 394.2 km/h. Specifications of the car’s engine is a turbo-charged with a total of 6 cylinders. With the engine of that car is capable of darting speed 96.5 km/h in just a matter of 2.7 seconds. Another advantage that owned this car a leather seats are in the sewing with gold as well as the existence of a diamond-plated LED lights.

3. Lamborghini Reventon
Price: US $ 1,610 million
The third most expensive cars Lamborghini Reventon has managed to take notes as a third most expensive sports cars in the history of the world automotive the world car. The third most expensive car has V12 type machine with a capacity of 6.5 liters and produces 650 horsepower strength map horsepower. Within seconds the car capable of 4.3 streaked with a speed of 96.5 km/h. Sailing skill, which makes this car also is expensive because it is only in the production of a number of 20 units only. Management strategy of the game cool, huh.

4. Koegnisegg Agera R
The price of this car: US $ 1.6 million
This car has proven Top Speed recorded reached 418 km/h and has a V8 engine type composition with a capacity of 5 liters with power reaching 1115 horsepower. Due to a combination of its two most expensive car the great with the four it just takes 3 seconds to dash at speeds up to 96.5 km/h.

5. LA Ferrari, Ferrari
Price: US $ 0.8 million
The most expensive car to the five it has an elegant Design with a stylish body so that it is able to make him forced to say wow cool on Ferrari cars La ferrari. The most expensive car in the world manufacturers is only producing as much as 449 units only for Ferrari LA Ferrari.

That is the most expensive Car in the world 5 who was ranked top of the list of most expensive cars worldwide.

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