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How cool would it be if you were able to control your dreams? Well, total control is obviously not possible. You cannot pick what you will dream, but yes, some people can control their actions in dreams called lucid. Also in these dreams anything you imagine is possible.

Lucid Dream Becoming lucid story

Now lets make something clear when it comes to lucid dreams and dream control. Yes they are connected, but in some other ways dream control can be present in other than lucid dreams. Also depending on the levels of lucidity the level of control varies. The higher that level is the more control you will have over yourself or your actions. For instance at a high level of lucidity you cannot experience fear or any other such negative emotion because all the time you are completely aware all that is happening is not real. On the other hand if lucidity is at a very low level the control may also be almost absent. But as we know: practice makes perfect. So with some of it you can master the skill of dream control.

The definition of a lucid dream is very simple. It means that while you are dreaming you are aware of it. The term "lucid" was created by a Dutch psychiatrist Frederik Van Eeden considering by "lucid" mental clarity.

A lucid dream can begin in two ways. It can be a dream-initiated lucid dream (DILD) which starts as a regular dream, and it can be a wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD) which occurs when the dreamer goes from a waking state directly into a dream state, without an obvious lapse in consciousness. The awareness of dreaming, in the first case, usually starts in the midst of a dream, and it is often triggered by a completely illogical happening in a dream, such as flying. But it can also happen spontaneously with no trigger.

Lucid Dream Spontaneously dream

Lucidity may be of a high or low level. If at a high level the person is completely aware everything happening at that point is a dream and that there is no danger. On the other hand when lucidity is at a low level you are aware to some extent that some parts of the dream are not real, but that impression is limited only to nonsense motifs in the dream.

There have been some speculations about lucid dreams being something occult and include dark arts, but it is important to know - this is a myth. Lucid dreams are a completely natural happening, and they are experienced by the majority of people only some experience them more often than others.

Now, imagine the possibilities in a dream that is lucid. Where anything you desire can happen. Imagine the adventures you could experience, the events you could experience…something you've recently read about, or seen a movie about. Wouldn't it be amazing?

There is also one other very important benefit lucid dreams offer. You could prevent nightmares.

Lucid Dream Nightmare dream

Many people have trouble sleeping because of frequent nightmares. If fully lucid during a nightmare, you will realize none of it is real, and become free of the anxious emotions you were going through up till then. Imagine the relief.

If you would like to try, and induce lucid dreams with yourself, here are some helpful advice. The first step towards it is remembering your dreams. This is very important. If you don't recall your dreams, even if you do have a lucid dream, you won't remember it. The minimal condition you need to complete is remembering at least one dream per night. For this you will need a good night sleep. You need to be well rested, for if you are not getting enough sleep, and are stressed it will be much harder for you to remember your dreams. This way, also, if you sleep longer and get more rest - you dream more too. And the longer you sleep the longer your dreams will be. A very useful aid in this mission of yours can be a dream journal.

A dream journal should be kept near the bed, so it would be easier for you to find it after you wake up from a dream. When writing you should write everything you can remember from a dream, and you should not neglect any inconsistencies of incoherent parts. Everything needs to be there. Of course if you wake up in the middle of the night from a dream it is probable you would be more comfortable with going back to sleep than sitting down and writing every detail, and it is not a suggestion to do. You should go back to sleep, but it would be useful if you would write down some keywords just so in the morning you could read those and maybe remember what was the dream about. You should also make peace with the fact some dreams are simply easier to remember than others. To ameliorate your memory you should not be doing anything in the morning before you write down you dream(s), nor should you think about anything that should happen to you that day. It would be helpful too, if you would motivate yourself before going to sleep to remember your dreams. Try focusing on them, and give yourself a little pep talk before you go to sleep.

Lucid Dream Book-Note of dream memories.jpg

Of course not all dream memories come to you as soon as you wake up. Probably you will not recall everything about the dream, or you will recall only one part, or a fragment will be missing. But during the ongoing day you may experience a sudden memory of something from your last night's dream. Be ready to put that in notes as well.

Your goal is to improve from remembering one dream per night to remembering several of them. This takes time. So be patient.

When it comes to control in your dreams you will also have to focus on your intent to do so, just like with the recollection of your dreams.

Dream signs can also be helpful in inducing lucidity. They are some frequent objects you dream of. It can be a place, person or an object. Through your dream journal you will start noticing them, and become able to use them. Very often these signs will be something fantastic and impossible you have been dreaming of like flying, breathing under water etc. Also they can be phenomena like these: being naked, mute, paralyzed. And one very common dream sign is falling out of your teeth or hair. Dream journal will massively help you also with figuring out what your personal dream signs are. What was stated earlier is a pattern that commonly happens to people. But every person has their own frequent dream elements others do not experience. Hey can be very helpful, and you should try and figure them out.

Now here's how it works: you will use these dream signs as cues when to focus on whether the event in you dream is possible or not. That way you will start rationally thinking in dreams. This is very important for lucidity. If you do it often, it will eventually become a habit and it will provide you with lucid dreams.

There is another test if you are dreaming or not. Take a glance at something (if possible) you can read or at a clock, if the inscription or time changes drastically you will know you are in a dream.

It is common among the first lucid dreams to wake up due to the excitement you experience after realizing you are dreaming, so don't be discouraged if your first lucid dream isn't as long as you'd expected. Therefore you should try and calm yourself so that wouldn't happen. If after realization your dream starts to fade you can try dream spinning technique. It is simple you just start spinning around on the spot like children do. It actually works! Or another strategy would be rubbing your hands in the dream. As silly as it sounds…it does the trick.

Well this would be it. Hopefully you will try some of this, and it will work for you. Until then, pleasant dreams.

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