5 Most Expensive Bikes in The World

Both men and women who are so dear to many private vehicles, like their own pets. This phenomenon is shown by several large companies. They then make the creations in the form of a special bike.

Said to be exceptional, for heavier bikes could not be owned by any person. In addition to the limited edition, this exceptional motorcycle also must be redeemed at a high price. Once you have it, surely people can already deduce how personality, identity and the multiplicity of the treasure.

Some of the factors that make the heavy bikes in this list are very expensive IE the order structure, speed, design and external appearance. Everything is special and luxurious all-inclusive. Here we present you the 5 most expensive bikes in the world.

5. Ecosse FE Ti XX

Ecosse FE Ti XX

Cost: $ 300,000

This beautiful bike will cost you a lot, but the beauty is worth. It has 225 horsepower from its aluminum engine. Eccose engine plants have made a great addition to the Titanium series. The shiny look of the bike are more impressive than you could ever wish for. Previously motorcycles from Titanium series are selected as the Best Bike of the Year. This bike is one of the fastest bikes in the world and can accommodate up to 250 MPH.

4. The legendary British classic black

The legendary British classic black

Cost: $ 400,000

Legendary Black Vintage is a unique bike and finds no match in the world. The bike has two cylinders to provide the 250 cc performance. Bike was produced in the United Kingdom. This bike may not provide you with the fastest speed, but it will certainly accelerate people to see your house on this exclusive antique bike. This is the 4th most expensive bike.

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3. Gold Plated Custom Chopper

Gold Plated Custom Chopper

Cost: $ 500,000

This bike is so beautiful that you would never take it out on the road. Gold plated custom chopper has the metallic body, which is all shiny and gold plated. This bike is more of a show piece on a brilliant ramp rather than on the street.This golden light beauty was presented at Motorcycle Show in Seattle.

2. Ultra Rare Porcupine

Ultra Rare Porcupine

Cost: $ 750,000

As the name suggests, Ultra Rare porcupine is very rare, making it extremely expensive. This bike was developed in World War II, that’s why it is unique. Previously it was part of the museum. But apparently now the museum is also a place for shopping. This bike is for sale from the National Motorcycle Museum. The bike is for those who are in bulk and want to recall its history to venture.

1. $ 1 million Harley-Davidson


Cost: $ 1 million

If you are a crazy billionaire and you love bike riding more than anything else in the world, then this is the perfect bike for you. Designed by Jack Armstrong is this exclusive and most expensive Harley-Davidson bike. It goes to a whooping one million U.S. dollars that can shake your pocket.

Well, with this price, it is very obvious that it has a lot to offer. The powerful six-cylinder engine will give you a lightning fast speed. The best thing about this bike is its design and style. The bike has a color on the body that gives it a unique look.

So, before dropping the option to buy a bike, find out what your goal and buy that fits your finances.

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